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Ad Event operates special groups to provide media relation services to its clients Press Conference /Releases / Coverage across all Media Platforms. Coverage facility across Print, Electronic, Portals, and Social Media is facilitated by us.

A media PR event, or media public relations event, is a planned gathering or activity designed to generate media coverage and publicity for a company, organization, product, service, or individual. These events are strategic tools used by PR professionals to create positive narratives, increase brand visibility, and communicate key messages to a broader audience through various media outlets such as television, radio, print, online publications, and social media.

Media Relations:

Media PR professionals work to establish and maintain relationships with journalists, reporters, editors, and other media professionals. These relationships help in pitching stories, securing interviews, and getting media coverage for their clients..

Press releases are:

Writing and distributing press releases is a common practice in media PR. official statements that provide news or information about a company, event, product launch, or any other noteworthy development. These releases are sent to media outlets for potential coverage.

AdEvent Media - News Portal

Starting it’s new venture, Ad Event Media has also entered the area of Media & PR with a portal called “” This portal provides all the information regarding Events and daily updates of Business, Bollywood, Political and much more. It is a portal that also provides you the liberty to share, feature, promote -: yourself, your business, your brand, your talent etc. With our effective team, we tend to provide best coverage of any social or corporate party, conference or any event.