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AD EVENT MEDIA Company Based on diverse and critical experiences of its promoters for over years in the dynamics of India Business and market / Positioning opportunities, AD EVENT facilitates into specific promotional opportunities for both close-ended and open-ended target groups with a reach from Rural to Metro populace. AD EVENT bring diverse and extensive experiences in executing various forms of promotional opportunities including Government & Private, Conferences, Seminars, Production (Ad Films, Documentary), Fashion Shows, Cultural Events, Product launches, Product Promotions Campaigns, Workshops, Conventions, Theme extravaganzas,

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advertising solution agency perfectly for your business

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advertising solution agency perfectly for your business

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1: TV Advertising

TV advertising is a popular and effective method of promoting products, services, or brands to a broad audience through television channels. It has been a prominent form of advertising for many decades and continues to be a valuable tool for marketers. Here are the key aspects of TV advertising:

2: Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is a form of marketing that involves the creation and broadcast of audio advertisements on radio stations. It has been a popular advertising medium for many decades and continues to be an effective way to reach specific target audiences. Here are the key aspects of radio advertising:

3: Digital

Digital" is a term that encompasses a wide range of concepts and technologies related to the use of digital (numeric and binary) data for various purposes. It has become increasingly central to modern life and business, transforming how we communicate, work, and interact with the world.Here are some key aspects of "digital":